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Kalimirch Aloo Bhindi Recipe (Potato Lady Finger Flavoured With Pepper)

Potatoes and Girls finger are the ones greens that are utilized in on a regular basis cooking in virtually each and every family. As a substitute of the common Aloo- Bhindi Sabzi, we’ve added a twist by way of flavouring it with cumin and pepper in Kalimirch Aloo Bhindi. The spice provides a particular daring flavours to the dish and pairs rather well with Parathas, Phulkas and even with Steamed Rice & Sambar/Rasam.

Do you know: Okra or Girls Finger is a low-calorie vegetable and incorporates no saturated fats or ldl cholesterol. They’re wealthy assets of nutritional fiber, minerals, and nutrients; ceaselessly beneficial by way of nutritionists in controlling ldl cholesterol and weight loss methods.

Serve the Aloo Bhindi Pepper Fry Recipe along side Steamed Rice, Garlic Rasam, and Carrot Cucumber Tomato Salad Recipe for a easy but flavoursome weeknight dinner.

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