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Dinner Anyone? How About A Delicious Ragi Mudde & Mutton Saaru

A easy and rustic Indian dinner meal thought, made South Indian taste, this meal plate is composed of Mutton Saaru with wholesome Ragi Mudde & Pickled Onions. This Indian dinner recipe mixture is typically served on a sunday afternoon in maximum Gowda group families. 

Ragi Mudde is a staple advanced carbohydrate that is still consistent in south indian foods. Ragi takes longer to digest, therefore retaining them satiated for an extended time period. The saaru adjustments on a regular basis, ensuring they make it a wholesome meal with the addition of a few greens and inexperienced leafy greens within the curry it’s served with. 

For the vegetarians available in the market we will additionally serve this meal along with your selection of South Indian Vegetarian Curries.

So pass forward and put this meal in combination to your circle of relatives. 

  • 1. Halli Taste Mutton Saru Recipe – Highly spiced South Indian Mutton Curry

    Tough, South indian taste non-veg curry, Halli Taste Mutton Saru is filled with flavours from roasted fragrant and recent coriander leaves and makes a scrumptious Indian Dinner Recipe or perhaps a recipe for Sunday Lunch.

    This Mutton Saaru right here can also be substituted with a wholesome possibility like protein wealthy rooster or made vegetarian via including combined greens to the curry. 

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  • 2. Cushy & Scrumptious Ragi Mudde Recipe – Karnataka Taste Ragi Balls

    Ragi Mudde is historically eaten with Saaru or with a highly spiced gravy. It’s eaten via breaking small chunks the usage of your arms, then dip it within the curry and swallow it. 

    Ragi is regarded as to be an excessively wholesome complete grain, a few of its well being advantages are

    • Is helping in weight reduction
    • The calcium content material provide is superb for bones
    • Appropriate for diabetics, as ragi is a posh carbohydrates 

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  • three. Pickled Onions Recipe

    Including crunch and freshness to any meal, those Pickled Onions are thinly sliced onions are seasoned with salt and sprinkled with a dash of lime, making it as superb aspect to the principle meal. 

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