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Chinese Roasted Chicken


  • Gunpowder six meal spoon
  • Gunpowder juice six meal spoon
  • Soy juice two meal spoon
  • Onion one powder
  • Rooster one and a part
  • 3 dough spoon of a peanut peel Fusion Juice Two Cups
Make small items of hen and cabbage items and sprinkle salt at the hen.
Additionally put cabbage in a lamp and take on hen chilies on it. Quilt it for 40 mins 
in a scorching storeroom with 400 levels prematurely. In the meantime, fuung swiss within the fry pan.
When the hen is in a position, upload it to the fry pan with fuels. Flip round it for just about 
5 mins after which put deep yogurt or pearl and make it a snacks.

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