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Broken Wheat Porridge For Babies And Toddler

  • To start making Damaged Wheat Porridge with Apples and Oranges, we need to first force prepare dinner the damaged wheat/ Dalia

  • In a force cooker upload half cup damaged wheat or dalia in a force cooker together with half cup water. 

  • Force prepare dinner for three whistles and switch off the warmth. Free up the force naturally. 

  • In the meantime, we will get the apple and banana in a position.

  • Peel the banana and mash it positive on a plate with the again of a fork, stay apart. 

  • Peel, core and chop the apple into small items. Upload those apple items right into a pot container sufficient water to hide the entire apple items. 

  • Boil the apples within the water till comfortable. This may take a just right ten mins, so be certain there’s sufficient water within the pot.

  • As soon as the apples are comfortable, flip off the warmth, take away the apples items from the pan and mash them with the again of a fork. 

  • You’ll be able to then again, force prepare dinner the chopped apples for 1 whistle and unencumber the force naturally. 

  • In a medium sized bowl, upload the cooked damaged wheat, mashed bananas, apples and blend neatly till all elements are mixed. 

  • Your Damaged Wheat Porridge with Bananas and Apples is able to be served. 

  • Serve Damaged Wheat Porridge on your small children and infant who’re over 10 months of age for luxurious lunch or dinner. 

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